about us

We are a family of sailors drawn to the sea by it's mesmerizing pull and it's oxymoronic promise of deep relaxation and unforgettable adventure.

Our Team

Tryfon has seen it all. A competitive sailor from a young age, he has filled his walls and shelves with medals, cups and certificates from sailing races across the greek seas, most notably the aegean rallys as well as the non stop aegean regattas “Aegean 600”. He’s been part of some of the most successful crews in competitive greek sailing and has now decided to instill his life long passion into a safe, relaxing and memorable experience for his guests.
Nikos was raised with his boats. Starting from his tiny optimist dinghy at age 6, he moved up to the “laser”, then to the “420” dinghy and slowly made his way to larger cruisers.  The boats around him were growing as he was. In university he trained as an electrical engineer but was later won over by history, where he has been focusing on for the past few years. He is now combining his love of the sea with the historical background of his locality, by exploring archaic myths and truths the way an ancient person might have experienced them… by sailing along the greek coast.

Our Boat

Alkyon provides a serene and calming environment, allowing you to disconnect from the stresses of everyday life and fully relax and unwind in the peace and quiet of the open water. She is spacious enough to comfortably accomodate your 10 favourite people and is the perfect means  to discover secluded beaches, hidden coves, and remote islands that might not be accessible by other means.